The Tardis

Certificates presented

The Tardises are completed, and the children involved has now taken them home to (hopefully) display proudly in their bedrooms. They were presented with their Tardises and a certificate in assembly.


Week Five

Good news! The pupils have completed their first project - and four Tardises are now sitting drying on a classroom windowsill.

And they look amazing.

From plain 3D printed sections, to fully constructed and painted with internal lightning fitted the pupils have done a great job. We'll show them off in assembly this week, and then they can take them home and enjoy them.


Week Four

We moved onto the electrics this week. With the LED light cables soldered ready for the children, they were given the task of connecting the rest of the wires to complete the circuit,


then fit the LED light holder deep inside the Tardis, before finally fixing the switch panel at the bottom of the Tardis. 


They then went to put the roof panels on, but discovered that the paint layer they had added meant the roof would not fit. 10 minutes of rapid sanding around the edge of the roof helped to create a snug fit.

The end-of-session result for most of the pupils was a Tardis that suddenly looked like this when they flicked the switch.


As you can see - and as the pupils realised - the bright light shows up where they rushed their painting in the first week, and they can see where they need to touch up the Tardis in the next session before they have completed their first project.

So, next week - repainting, fitting of the roof light and cap, and final touch ups.

In-between session jobs...

During the last session the pupils were testing the electrics and checking that the LEDs worked. Fortunately all did, but we did discover an issue that means I need to do a little bit of "homework" before the next session.

The plan had been to use Sugru to set the wires onto the contacts, but unfortunately this did not work effectively, and so I have the weekend job of soldering the wires to the LEDs. I'd love to get the children involved with soldering the contacts, but I can imagine the health and safety forms that would need to be filled in if one of the group were to suffer a burn.

It's less hassle to solder them myself.


The printer worked long enough without any filament snaps to allow us to print out the parts for next weeks session, so we will be able to add the electrics.


Week Three

The plan for this week was to start on the electrics, however the 3D printer has been playing up. I'm not sure whether I wound the filament onto the reel too tightly, or whether the school heating is drying out the reel, but the result is that the filament suddenly snaps without warning during a print.

This has meant that we didn't get to print out the LED holder and switch holder parts to fit inside the Tardis. But never mind, we had plenty to get on with, and so instead we printed out the labels for the Tardis (Police Signs for the top bar on each side, and the phone instructions on the front door). 

The phone instructions printed out too large, and so we had a quick maths session on how to reduce them to the correct size using the photo copier zoom (-) feature.

The Phone box signs were almost the right size, but required a little trimming to ensure they fitted onto each top panel.


So we now have labelled Tardises.


Nest time... we *should* be adding the electrics to light the whole thing up! 

Week Two

This week the painting continued with a second coat on the main parts of the Tardis, as well as the painting of the Tardis roof.

Once the second coat had dried the pupils began to fix into the place thin opaque windows on each side.

Photo 17-10-2016, 16 45 38

Next time... labels and electrics

Week One

In the first week each pupil was given 3D printed parts to a Tardis to assemble;

Photo 10-10-2016, 15 29 04

Photo 10-10-2016, 15 28 15

Once they had worked out how everything fitted together, they began to paint using a "Tardis Blue" enamel paint.

Photo 10-10-2016, 15 44 54
Next time: roof and windows...