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Chiming the time

Adding the clock

Today we finally added the working clock to the 3D printed tower. I had drilled a hole in preparation for this session (as I couldn't let the children near a drill!) so that the children were able to get on with the fitting of the working clock parts.

The back of the clock was placed inside the tower section, but then a problem was noticed - the sections on the outside of the clock that create the clock face were too wide for the retaining nut to be fitted to the clock mechanism and so they had to be removed before they could continue.

However, once the washer was in place the hands were fitted easily, and then cut to size to fit within the rectangular clock face.


A battery was fitted to the mechanism, the time on it adjusted and then...

there was a working clock installed into the model.


The final job to be completed will be a little bit of tidying up, painting over areas that have peeled, and adding an effect behind the working clock face.


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