A second coat
A 3D shield design in 2Design&Make

A little side task

I've given the pupils a little side task whilst they work on creating their working clock version of Elizabeth Tower. I've set them a "2Do" within PurpleMash - an online learning resource we use in school - to create part of a well known logo and design a 3D object that could be printed out two (or more) times and fixed together to create the complete logo using a user friendly CAD tool called 2Design and Make.


An example is the Bat sign - I designed one half of it in 2D&M (the software only allows 16 "nodes" within a shape and so it would have been impossible to design the whole sign in one go)


then 3D printed it twice and stuck it together to create the finished object.


I'm looking forward to seeing what great ideas they come up with, and how it will look when they 3D print their designs and fit them together.


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