A little side task
The tower is put together

A 3D shield design in 2Design&Make

After setting the little extra task last week we had a bit of absence and illness and only one pupil has managed to use 2Design and Make from PurpleMash to design half of a 3D symmetrical object.

Fred decided he wanted a shield, and designed half of it - making good use of the 'nodes' in 2D&M to create a smoother curve.


Viewed in the 3D viewer, his half shield looked like this.

Purple_Mash_-_the_award_winning_educational_resource_from_2Simple_Software_-_Site 2
This design was exported as an .stl file, and then opened in our 3D printer software where we duplicated the design and began to print two copies of it.


Once completed Fred was able to take both halves and glue together to create his finished shield.



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Nikki Wilkinson

That looks fantastic and such a good idea to create the shield in halves and put them together!

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