Soldering. How I hate thee!
Week Five

Week Four

We moved onto the electrics this week. With the LED light cables soldered ready for the children, they were given the task of connecting the rest of the wires to complete the circuit,


then fit the LED light holder deep inside the Tardis, before finally fixing the switch panel at the bottom of the Tardis. 


They then went to put the roof panels on, but discovered that the paint layer they had added meant the roof would not fit. 10 minutes of rapid sanding around the edge of the roof helped to create a snug fit.

The end-of-session result for most of the pupils was a Tardis that suddenly looked like this when they flicked the switch.


As you can see - and as the pupils realised - the bright light shows up where they rushed their painting in the first week, and they can see where they need to touch up the Tardis in the next session before they have completed their first project.

So, next week - repainting, fitting of the roof light and cap, and final touch ups.


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Nikki Wilkinson

Love the light inside the tardis!

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