All set...
A second coat

Construction begins

So after much printing out of all the parts of Elizabeth Tower (see here for files) today we began the project. With one child off ill, we were down to just three children (and two after half an hour when another fell ill and left early), so initial painting did not get as far as we'd hoped for.

However, by the end of this session we had managed to put a first black coat on two of the roof sections and one clock face, and get several of the tower pieces painted with their first coat of cream.

Photo 28-11-2016, 16 13 29
Photo 28-11-2016, 16 13 29

We also briefly looked at the clock kit that will be used to fit working hands onto one of the sides of the tower turning this construction into a fully functioning clock, and began thinking about how it would be fitted (and more importantly how the battery would be reached in the future when it needed to be changed). The end result of this looks like a little bit of careful drilling work will be required to ensure that the clock shaft will fit through several layers of PLA. I wonder who will be put in control of that job...


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