Preparing the Resources

Week Three

The plan for this week was to start on the electrics, however the 3D printer has been playing up. I'm not sure whether I wound the filament onto the reel too tightly, or whether the school heating is drying out the reel, but the result is that the filament suddenly snaps without warning during a print.

This has meant that we didn't get to print out the LED holder and switch holder parts to fit inside the Tardis. But never mind, we had plenty to get on with, and so instead we printed out the labels for the Tardis (Police Signs for the top bar on each side, and the phone instructions on the front door). 

The phone instructions printed out too large, and so we had a quick maths session on how to reduce them to the correct size using the photo copier zoom (-) feature.

The Phone box signs were almost the right size, but required a little trimming to ensure they fitted onto each top panel.


So we now have labelled Tardises.


Nest time... we *should* be adding the electrics to light the whole thing up! 


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