Session Five(ish)

Session Six

With the code working, the children were able to complete the project this week with the addition of a frame around the TV screen (hiding both the edge of the TV, and the large black border a full screen scratch project leaves). They used thumbnails of the city locations to show the order of the weather reports, and also briefly explained how to read to weather on screen.


The screen itself reports on the temperature and wind direction using images at the bottom of the screen;


Whilst an animated cloud at the top of the screen indicates wind speed by how rapidly the cloud moves across the background, and cloud cover by the opaqueness of the cloud (the more transparent the cloud, the clearer the sky is). 


As the project runs itself and automatically changes location every three minutes, all we need to power is a TV and Raspberry Pi with a wifi card in. No keyboard or mouse needed. Any necessary changes are made using VNC via an iPad.

Photo 30-11-2016, 12 25 47