Session Three
Session Five(ish)

Session Four

The pupils added a few more cities to their list today - they now have nine (Anchorage, Berlin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Las Palmas, Leicester, New York, Paris, Sydney) - and also images to use at backgrounds with those new city additions.

As they tested the program, one of the pupils noticed that the weather data for the countries was mixed up. This prompted a discussion about why, and analysis of the code to see what had changed (they soon realised that as they had gone from 5 to 9 locations they had to alter a value within a key operator).

The final addition was the removal of the small variable display of the city name, and creating a custom sprite with 9 costumes that displayed the name on screen in a larger font. Again, they problem solved the issue of the dark text being unreadable over a dark background image by adding a white ribbon along the bottom of their screen.

With all this completed, they ran their program to check everything worked. And crashed the python program!

So as the lesson ended, they left knowing that next session they need to look at the python program and work out what has happened to make it fail whenever their program changes city location.