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A new building is under construction within the world. A four screen cinema is being built. The children in the afterschool club have all designed parts of it, and are now starting the actual build.

Gwen is busy with the ticket office area;


Shannon and Alex are busy working on the food area;


And Luke has been thinking about just how to make a large screen to show the movies on... more on this next time.

A new street emerges

The new visitors to the city have been busy working on their new houses. Following their initial paper based plans (you can see them on the table in the photo below), they have started to construct their actual houses using suitable materials.


Whilst they were busy building, the "local council" turned up and installed lighting outside the houses along the path and created a new street within the city. 


CityQuest TNG

The Next Generation of builders have finally arrived in the city.

After being given a sheet of squared paper with a template for the footprint of a building, they all designed a house thinking about the space needed to fit in items such as chairs, lamps, tables, etc.

Once they had their blueprint sketched out they entered the city and discovered plots of land by the side of the school just waiting for eager house builders to get started...


Recreating the Minack

A small side topic for a few children recently was to recreate a version of the Minack theatre (in Cornwall) in the Minecraft world we have. It doesn't look the same as the famous cliffside theatre, but it was good to build and add a stage to. And with the Shakespeare celebrations, what else could we put on the stage but Romeo and Juliet.

MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 3


As you can see, it's a popular play!

MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 2

Up, up and away

The MineCraft City project has had a few more additions.

Once the main challenge has been completed, and the pupil discovers 'The Great Explorer' there is a teleport block that gives them access to several areas of the project instantly. 

Now, there is a new destination within the teleport options: a Space Station!


Once a pupil arrives inside of this object, they'll meet a familiar (and now famous) person;


Yes, we've put @astro_timpeake up there, and the pupils can ask a few questions.

In fact, it's not just AstroTim that the pupils can interact with - there are now lots of characters all around the project world that will pass on information to pupils, or respond to a range of questions they are asked;

  • There are some characters who will suggest places to visit
  • There are some characters who will tell you all about a particular place
  • There are some characters who will ask for your particular help

Now, it's just a case of

(1) finding time to run an extra curriculum activity, and

(2) finding pupils who aren't stressing out and panicking about SATs, SPAG tests or times tables skills...

Becoming Explorers

Information point outside the Town Hall
A clue located in the city library
Clue information
The Great Explorers Garden Maze
The Great Explorers Diary
The diary leads to various explorer related artefacts
Food Dispensers found in Tisco's Supermarket


With all major parts of the build completed, the pupils are now working on those last few pieces to make the whole place look perfect.

They're adding the air-vents that are positioned above every floor around the building.


They're creating doorways to the 'sub floors' between each main hospital floor.


They're about to put the windows into the separate EENT unit.


And the front of the hospital now looks like this;


Almost there

The Hospital construction is almost complete. This is how it currently looks, with a few more windows to add, a bit of roof work to check, and the addition of the separate 'Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat (EENT) block to finish.

Looking over the main entrance / East block


Main Entrance / Accident and Emergency

West Block - done!

Hard work from the pupils this week - after they recruited more help to work on the project - has meant that West Block is now completed. And it looks excellent.


Onto the other hospital blocks now...