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Collaborative Construction

The new recruits to the Minecraft have been busy building their own properties in allocated plots of land.

However, these buildings are now complete and the pupils have moved onto a new challenge. They logged in and met the teacher at an empty street.
Empty that is, apart from a single property at the start of the street.
Their challenge was to study the completed house, and then work together to build a row of terraced properties that shared the same dimensions.


Oh, and there was one additional rule - they were not allowed to call out to each other. So how could they decide who was going to do what?

Short messages began appearing in the Minecraft window as pupils started to communicate with each other via messages.


At the end of the session, the terraced row was taking shape;


New Recruits

It's always good to start again, and a new team of 20 pupils have had their first session in the world.

They had a play with the keys and getting used to moving (when they've only played MC using a console, it's a little different using a keyboard!), and then went on a walk - led by myself - from the Town Hall to a new housing estate where 20 shining plots of building land were sat waiting.


Each child has taken a plot, added a notice to let others know whose land is whose, and gone away with a sheet of squared paper to plan the ground floor of their 16x8 block dwelling.


Next session the proper creative building begins :o)

Tidying up, and a return to old work

This week the pupils completed their Palace design. They placed a two block high wooden fence on the roof to add an effect that worked perfectly as the final touch.


As they had a little time left after completing this, they returned to the cinema design (they started this long before we had the annoying laptop issues) and set about finishing off screens 2, 3 and 4.

MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ copy 2

Another week

The palace project is progressing. Pupils have been working on this during their lunch and break times, and have made excellent progress.


Back on Track

We've sorted the access issues we had on the laptops, and now the pupils can really crack on with the building of the Palace design.

By the end of the latest club session they had completed the outline of the East face, and were well on the way to getting the other faces of the building completed;


A Royal Palace

So the footprint for the pupils new project has been laid. Along with security guards, fences and even a familiar looking column.


Pixel Art completed, and more planning

We're still having issues with the school laptops - meaning that things have dropped to a snails pace as we have only my staff laptop accessing our world.

However - the Pixel Art is now completed, and when viewed from high up we can see this;


Now the pupils are starting on their next idea - they want to build Buckingham Palace(!!) and so have found some images, done some calculations about window sizes and blocks needed and then started to draft out their plans on squared paper. They have even scouted around the world for a suitable location and have chosen a large open space behind the Great Explorers childhood mansion.

Pixel Park

We've had a few issues recently with new laptops, the final build of MineCraft Edu and java meaning that the pupils have been computer-less for their sessions.

However, this just meant we had to be creative and plan out future activities using squared paper, and this time we chose to create pixel art that would be displayed in the world (once the problems are sorted). 

With just one machine (a staff laptop) accessing the world, it's been a slow process getting the pixel art into the world but they're getting there. There are currently three pieces in the "Pixel Park" that they can view.

Screenshot 2017-01-20 08.47.42

Screen 1 is built

In the previous session the children were busy building the cinema they had planned out. Luke was creating Screen1, and was thinking about how to put a cinema screen on the wall to make it look authentic.

He decided to use the monitor block from the ComputerCraft mod, and discovered that by placing several together it created a bigger screen area. Trial and error resulted in the largest screen it was possible to make - 8 blocks x 4 blocks. However, a black screen in a darkened cinema room didn't work well but with the addition of grey crystal either side of the screen (that looks like a speaker system), the result works incredibly well;

MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 4

And whilst Luke was working on this area, the "food court" (with counter) and ticket booth areas have both been completed too.

MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 3
MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 3