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December 2016 entries

Screen 1 is built

In the previous session the children were busy building the cinema they had planned out. Luke was creating Screen1, and was thinking about how to put a cinema screen on the wall to make it look authentic.

He decided to use the monitor block from the ComputerCraft mod, and discovered that by placing several together it created a bigger screen area. Trial and error resulted in the largest screen it was possible to make - 8 blocks x 4 blocks. However, a black screen in a darkened cinema room didn't work well but with the addition of grey crystal either side of the screen (that looks like a speaker system), the result works incredibly well;

MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 4

And whilst Luke was working on this area, the "food court" (with counter) and ticket booth areas have both been completed too.

MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 3
MinecraftEdu_1_7_10_classroom__stable_build_22_ 3

Now Showing...

A new building is under construction within the world. A four screen cinema is being built. The children in the afterschool club have all designed parts of it, and are now starting the actual build.

Gwen is busy with the ticket office area;


Shannon and Alex are busy working on the food area;


And Luke has been thinking about just how to make a large screen to show the movies on... more on this next time.