Up, up and away
Redstone ramblings, Part1

It's all ground to a halt :o(

My grand plan to get some Yr5/6 pupils to build a new project hasn't happened. There's no time for it in the school day anymore because our older pupils are so busy trying frantically to learn so much for the new SATs tests that there is no time for anything else.

For me, as a teacher, this is heartbreaking. Creative learning has been pushed further and further into the long grass as the ridiculous demands from the Department of Education have been ratcheted up and up until we've reached breaking point.

It's wrong. It's short sighted. It's immoral. Messing with children's futures to make a political point shouldn't be allowed, but the government seems intent on doing more and more of this.

The only - small - ray of hope is the single session each week where my own class spend an hour working through the 'CityQuest' challenge in pairs. They are showing great teamwork, and their problem solving skills are improving as they try and find The Great Explorers hidden items around last years MineCraftEdu city project.