New Term, New idea...
It's all ground to a halt :o(

Up, up and away

The MineCraft City project has had a few more additions.

Once the main challenge has been completed, and the pupil discovers 'The Great Explorer' there is a teleport block that gives them access to several areas of the project instantly. 

Now, there is a new destination within the teleport options: a Space Station!


Once a pupil arrives inside of this object, they'll meet a familiar (and now famous) person;


Yes, we've put @astro_timpeake up there, and the pupils can ask a few questions.

In fact, it's not just AstroTim that the pupils can interact with - there are now lots of characters all around the project world that will pass on information to pupils, or respond to a range of questions they are asked;

  • There are some characters who will suggest places to visit
  • There are some characters who will tell you all about a particular place
  • There are some characters who will ask for your particular help

Now, it's just a case of

(1) finding time to run an extra curriculum activity, and

(2) finding pupils who aren't stressing out and panicking about SATs, SPAG tests or times tables skills...