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Becoming Explorers

From Creating to Challenging

Well the pupils have completed the last big city build of the school year  - the hospital - so as they were desperate just to have time to "look around" the city I altered the MineCraftEdu mode from creative to Survival (no monsters / no fire / no building) to let them discover.

They wanted to know why I'd put it in survival mode, so I explained I wanted them to walk and run about, not fly into the sky and look all around them.

As they were looking around, I had an idea (based on what I had seen in the quite brilliant "World of Humanities MCE world"), to make their exploring a game - a challenge - a quest - and so began to add text to a few information points, and to a few books that had been scattered around the city creating clues to a series of challenges. 

The idea was simply;

- To start at the Town Hall and go inside to find a clue that led to another telling them where to start

- To travel to the school to find a clue in the library about a great explorer  that would lead them...

- To the city library where additional information would allow them to find the location of the great explorers home (the city library was the building recovered from the crashed build that was previously used to provide information)

- At the explorers home they had to  negotiate a maze that would lead them to the "explorers lodge" in the trees where they would find...

- The explorers diary that contained records of places that the explorer had been to so that the children could go to those places and discover objects created to the explorer.


They loved it. They were engrossed in the tasks, and as they wanted to 'be the first' they were darting about all over the place trying to mislead others who were following.

Being in survival mode though, they had health bars and needed to replenish energy with food. Normally in a game of MineCraft you'd just head out and kill an animal, but this was a city. People don't do that in a city, so they had to go searching for prepared food. But where would they find it? Eventually they realised that the shops, restaurants and cafés they'd built would contain it. In the form of a dispenser with a pressure plate in front of it. Stand on the pressure plate, and out pops a cooked chicken, or an apple, or a pie.

What I'm now wondering about is a booklet with space for them to record the items they find from the clues in the [ever expanding] explorers diary, along with space to write down some of the text on the in information boards (it may come in useful in the future).

Images of parts of this idea to come in the next post.