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May 2015 entries

Dockside gantry

Further to the last post - Holiday thinking - I've had a play, sorry, I mean I've been exploring the idea of a port. I blocked up a temporary idea, grabbed some screenshots and then went on a demolition fest. I'll give these images to the group next week, and see what they make of them in their plans before they start building in the re-vacated area.


Holiday thinking

Before the half term break began, the main 'designers' of the city (the original 4 children) decided that the city needed a new feature. As it was situated next to the sea, they thought a port would be a good idea. 

They've been given the half term task of looking at images of harbours / ports and seeing the kinds of features that they will need to build. They've already decided on a large crane, cargo containers and harbour buildings and so will need to plan how to build something like the following...

Container Crane




Harbour Warehouse

Opening Night

The Theatre has opened in the city. It's a great build, containing a ticket office, small café, and  the main theatre area


The ticket office


The Café


The Theatre Stage


Looking out at the audience

SATs hiatus

There were no eager builders in the city last week, as it was SATs week, and all the focus was on providing useless data for the government to turn around and bash us with, but it's a new week now and the construction crews have been back, adding more to the land.


Final transition

As discussed in this post, several sections from the previous [corrupted] project have been added to the city project, and the final section - with the Mining Town houses, shops, and pub - has now been copied across


I had feared that all the pupils work in the initial project had been lost forever, so I am extremely pleased that some of it could be recovered and placed here.  

Merged together

I'm pleased to have found a way to recover the work from the corrupted world and as a result place the Minecraft model of the school and the statue of Christ the Redeemer in the world. This was possible thanks to a piece of software called MCEdit that allowed me to access the corrupted world, then copy and paste buildings into the new project.

So, now we have the following buildings added;

Christ the Redeemer looking down on the city


The amazing model of the school, sitting close to the city housing