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April 2015 entries

Building Designs

Earlier in the week I mentioned that some of our Yr5/6 children had been busy designing buildings for the city whilst other Yr 5/6 children were out on a residential visit.

These are some of the designs that impressed, and are hopefully going to begin to appear in the city;

Photo 28-04-2015 15 32 28
Photo 28-04-2015 15 32 28

Planning Buildings

For a few days this week we have lots of our upper school children out of school on a residential visit. For those left behind, I've asked one group of them to get involved in the MineCraft project and plan out additional buildings for the city using squared paper. They have been asked to follow the rule of using 2 squares for a door, and a room must be at least 3 squares tall.

Although we've only had about 40 minutes on this task so far, there are already some really good ideas that are being drawn out on squared paper;

  • A Leisure centre with swimming pool
  • A Radio Station with metal mast
  • A treehouse style building
  • A clothes store
  • Several house designs

We have a further session tomorrow to complete the plans, before I start the planning task with the other group of remaining pupils.