A Road Well Travelled: November 2007

1 November

Pincer Movement

The hymitots and men have joined us and are heading towards the south of the mountains. Elves and dwarves are moving to the north in order to trap the goblins we have spotted on the peaks.

2 November

Yermej shows his hand

News from Anleim says that Yermej has attempted to steal the air crystal. After a fierce battle in the streets Anleim has captured Yermej and is holding him in a pentagram of light.

The mood amongst our troops has improved on hearing this news. We can sense that once we drive the Goblins out from the mountains we will have won this battle.

3 November

Bad Weather

The weather on the moutain tops has broken. We are now held up by the arrival of the winter snows. We pray that we do not get trapped down in the vicious winter blizzards.

4 November

Over the Peak

The weather this morning improved enough for us to make a move. We started early and took the Goblin's by surprise and broke their defensive line.

An early count of our prisoners seems to show that we have captured around 200 Goblins here, although we have seen many scampering down the slopes attempting to escape. The most agile men and Elves have set off after those.

5 November

Goblins' Last Stand

The small band of men and Elves are involved in hand to hand combat on the western slopes of the mountains mopping up the last of the Goblin resistance.

We have suffered several casualties during this, and as we cannot carry the bodies of our fallen comrades down the mountains we have built cairns on the mountain peaks, along with a crude monument made from stones.

The dragons tell us that the stone monument can be seen from the low slopes.

6 November

Round Up

The Gobin army is in disarray.

Last night during a routine trawl across the mountain one of our archers targeted their leader and cut him down with a well placed arrow. Without his direction the remaining Goblins turned on each other and have disbanded and are trying to save themselves.

Our armies are chasing down the mountains flushing them out, catching as many as we can, but they are also killing the stubborn ones who will not surrender.

Tomepicker is fully involved in this too and has shown a particular skill for sniffing out Goblins wedged in cracks and crevices dotted throughout the mountain side. He alone is responsible for at least three dozen Goblin prisoners.

9 November

Chain Gang

Our army seems to have flushed all remaining Goblins out from the mountains. The captured goblins have been chained together and are being marched back down the mountains towards the Rushing River.

Early interrogation of them claim they were under the influence of Yermej, and were unable to break free of a spell he held them under. This sounds all to familiar from my past, and I wonder if Yermej has the same ability to control the minds of Goblins as Elsile had all those years ago.

However, if this was the case then the Goblins should remain under his control until he is around no more. The more I think about this, the more I believe that the Goblins are being crafty and attempting to worm their way out of blame. I must remain on gaurd with these creatures at all times.

11 November

Goblin Goulag

We have left the mountains and are moving steadily eastwards towards Astown.

The demoralised, battered and beaten Goblins are being held in a compound near Westlake. We have fortified an old farmstead, and posted guards along all the perimeters to prevent any escapes or rescue attempts. It will up to the representatives of all races to  decide on the fate of these creatures.

Personally if it were up to me I'd banish these poor excuses for life to a land far from Methtintdour. All the major troubles on this Island have always involved the Goblins in some way.

12 November


There have been handshakes all round today. With the capture of Yermej in Arbordene, and the deafeat of the Goblins in the Great Mountains there is a feeling that the end of this is close.

I not only feel that, but also that I am close to the end of this chapter of my life. I feel a great change coming for myself soon. Although I have not said anything to Tomepicker I believe he senses that something is about to change as well.

He is staying closer to me than previously on these travels.

15 November


We march across the land now as victors. We have passed through Astown and Midmarch, where we were greeted as heros by the townsfolk, and are now travelling onto Arbordene.

The men are singing songs, with the Elves joining in with them. Above us we are constantly overlooked by scores of dragons, as they soar and dive in celebratory flight. Tomepicker keeps looking up at them, then back at me. He is desperate to join them in the skies, but will not leave my side. I must tell the decision I have come to about my future soon.

Looking around at our homecoming march, it makes for a most satisfying sight to the races of Methtintdour so happy together.