A Road Well Travelled: October 2007

1 October

A Change in the Weather

The seasons are changing, and this poses a problem for us. We can either dig in at Gateway and Island camp and sit out the cold winter, or else we must move now and take the fight to Yermej on the Southern Island.

I have spoken to the leaders of each race in Gateway, and await their response. Both Menag and Anleim agree that now is the time to make our move.

5 October

Battle Preparations

Over the past few days the Dragons have been carrying men, soldiers and dwarves to the northern edge of the Southern Island, whilst boats carrying more troops have begun the long journey around the Northern edge of the Northwestern Island so as to make a suprise arrival.

Now that the dragons have completed their task on the Southern Island, they are preparing to start the battle against the Goblins. At the designated time they will flame Goblins on the Northwest Island, creating a safe stopping off point for our boats. One day later they will turn their attention to the Southern Island and distract Goblins as our army starts it assault.

6 October

Let Battle Commence

It is almost midnight, and the signal has just been sent. I have shone a bright white beam into the air, signaling the start of battle.

In the black of night, I can only hear the sound of Dragon wings beating as they soar into the sky towards the Northwest Island.

7 October

Early Reports

The dragons have reported back from their first task. They have flamed all Goblins on the Northwest island, and left the island free for our boats.

Rhonas, Menag and the others have arrived at Gateway in the midst of battle. Rhonas has commandeered a dragon to carry him to the Southern Island to join the front line. Menag is recording what they found in the tunnels.

8 October


The dragons have taken off towards the Southern Island to flame the inhabitants and create a diversion whilst the army approaches.

Also, our boats have arrived on Northwestern Island. They are not under attack. The dragons did a thorough job clearing the island it seems. What would we do without the help of this magnificent race of creatures?

9 October

Stubborn Resistance

Our army on the Southern Island is finding it hard to make progress towards the centre of the island, and the mineworkings.

Goblin resistance is proving to be harder than anticipated. Rhonas and his Elves are running low on arrows.

Hand to hand combat at the edge of the island has already cost us over a dozen lives. My worries about losses is growing.

10 October

Reinforcements arrive

The boats we sent around the north of the Islands have arrived at Southern Island. They are just in time to reinforce our tired troops. They are now returning to Gateway carrying injured fighters.

We have called for healers from around Methtintdour to make their way to Gateway to help us before we become overwhelmed.

11 October

Called to Action

Rhonas has sent news that I should make my way to the Southern Island quickly. I will be carried over by dragon this evening in the dark.

In the meantime, I am still recording the events that are happening at a pace. Two healers have already arrived at Gateway, both have come from Arbordene, and reported that more are on their way from the other towns.

Another sixteen fighters were lost on the Southern Island as our army was held down in position and unable to move today.

12 October

Return of an Old Friend

I arrived in the dead of night and found Rhonas sleeping lighty. Once awake he excitedly told me to prepare for a great sight at first light. I ensured that the nightwatch were awake, then settled to a few hours sleep before starting a new day.

At first light I awoke, and followed Rhonas as he slowly made his way to the east of our troops and then closer to the Goblin mine. With a finger over his lips, he indicated to me to look carefully at the bustling mining area. I saw nothing that I would consider to be a great sight; Goblins entering and exiting a mine tunnel, Goblins working mined metals into swords, Goblins searching through the buckets of rocks for crystals that were being lifted out of the tunnel through a rope and pulley system, a giant working another pulley system that drew the water from the mine tunnels.

It was then that I realised just what I was looking at. This wasn't just any giant. This was an old friendly giant. Torfeld! Rhonas could see better with his sharper eyes and said that Torfeld was being held in chains.

We must free him.

13 October

Gateway Beckons

I am back at Gateway following my brief time on the front line. More healers have arrived in my absence, and they are busily repairing injured fighters.

Eight more deaths were reported from yesterdays fighting. I have spoken to the Hymitots about Torfeld, and they are preparing to take a vessel to Southern Island to help free their comrade.

Tomepicker will be flying to the island tomorrow, and attempting to pass a message to Torfeld. He is really excited that he has finally been given an important task.