A Road Well Travelled: September 2007

2 September

A New Village

In addition to the boats that are being built, an entire village has been erected on the edge of the land that will be used as a supply point for our camp on the island.

We have no name for this village yet, although it has been suggested to name it Gateway. The port area is completed, and the first of the boats are being loaded ready with supplies.

4 September

To the Islands

An advance party of dragons has overflown the Northeastern island and confirmed that there is no Goblin activity on it.

This is good news as it means that we will not need to fight to establish ourselves on there. With a noticable air of anticipation at Gateway port, the first of the ships sailed out.

Whilst these boats make their way across the waters, the dragons are carrying men and Dwarves to the Island to begin construction of a port to receive the boats.

7 September

Camp Established

Island camp is finished. Shelters have been constructed to temporarily house the troops, and supplies have safely arrived and been stored in underground cellars.

Our first night here passed by without incident, and this morning dragons have been soaring to great heights to see activity on the other islands.

I am returing to Gateway this evening to oversee the supplies until I am needed again.

10 September

Raiding Parties

Today we took the battle to Yermej.

In the early hours, under the cover of darkness, a group of bowmen - both Elf and man - were carried to the western side of the Northwestern island. As dawn broke they unleashed a volley of arrows on the resident Goblins before melting away into the undergrowth for a few hours, before launching another volley of arrows.

The rest of the day they hid and waited to be to carried away later that evening. From all accounts they have killed nearly one hundred Goblins. This tactic will be used for several more days on the Northwestern island.

15 September


Our first casualties were reported back to Gateway today.

During the most recent raid onto the Northwestern island, the Goblins struck back and killed three men and two Elves. Island camp is mourning the death of friends.

20 September

Seeking Yermej

We have created a memorial for our fallen comrades at Gateway.

I keep looking at the small, cut, block of granite and wonder how many more friends we may have to loose in order to stop Yermej.

Tomepicker has taken to sitting next to the memorial during the day, almost like a guard. If it keeps him quiet at the moment, I will say no more.

22 September


We have stopped the raids until we can prevent more unnecessary deaths.

The dragons are flying over both the Northwestern and Southern islands so that we can keep an eye on developments.

As one of the dragons flew over the Southern Island they saw what apparently looked very much like either myself and Anleim. I guess that means a wizard, and the only wizard known on those islands is Yermej.

23 September

News from the Flood Plains

Goblins have attacked our observation points and the guards in the flood plains. The crystal on the plinth is now missing, and it has caused chaos.

Anleim has contaced me publically via his drout stracyl to express his "worry" over this. I am remaining calmer simply because I know that the crystal taken is not the air crystal. However, as instructed by Anleim, I must feign worry so as not to reveal the deception he has created.

I have been so busy with other tasks that I forgot to keep asking about the missing ten Goblins from the earlier skirmishes. This is the result of that oversight, and I mustn't let it happen again.

Although it may work to our advantage. I've instructed some of the men to carefully hole one of the captured Goblin boats, then return it to the reeds and leave it unattended. With any luck, they'll begin to sail back and then find their boat unseaworthy.

25 September


During last evening the nightwatch reported seeing a flame in the waters of the Bay. A dragon was sent out and returned with a rather battered Goblin boat containing ten Goblins and a crystal. It seems that they had sailed in an unseaworthy vessel. I have removed the crystal from them, and they are being held securely with the other Goblins.

I have contacted Anleim to report the "finding" of the air crystal. He seemed happy at this! I now must travel back to the flood plains to return it to it's plinth. Hopefully a willing unicorn will speed my journey along.

30 September

Contact from Menag

I am back at Gateway after returning the crystal to its plinth. Fresh guards are watching over it.
Later in the day Menag contacted me to say that they have been making good progress in the tunnels. He estimates that they are currently under the Bay of Arboria, but have seen no sign of a crystal. He informed me that they cannot go any further as the tunnel is leaking seawater, and the temperature at the rockface has become too hot to stay.

They will be returning to the surface in a few days using the escape tunnel they opened up, and hope to join us at Gateway within a week. It will be nice to see Menag and Rhonas again.