A Road Well Travelled: June 2007

2 June

Goblin Attack

Menag will be staying at Kinrew. He has agreed to leave the forest for the moment, and travel with us, until the land is safe again. We will be leaving shortly, journeying quickly out of the forest.

We made good pace, and for a wizard who looks so old and frail Menag was suprisingly spritely on foot. It was well into the afternoon before things became worrying. Tomepicker began to snuffle around in the undergrowth again. He had obviously caught the tracks of a goblin. He then began to move off in several directions - one after another - and kept looking deeper into the trees.

Suddenly we heard snapping twigs, and Goblins appeared. Their hideous appearance caught both Menag and myself off guard for a moment, allowing them to surround us. Quickly we both produced our drout-stracyls and shone a blinding light towards them. It held them off for a while, but would not keep them away. Menag threw me his drout-stracyl, looked to the skies, and then began to speak in a strange language. I was well aware that he was able to talk to the creatures of the forest, but did not recognise the language he was calling.

Once he had completed his message, I threw him the drout-stracyl, and we continued to hold off the Goblins for what seemed like hours. Tomepicker did what he could to help - spitting fire at the Goblins, whilst keeping himself clear of their daggers.

As we were tiring, for the mental effort of concentrating the beam from the drout-stracyl was exhausting, there seemed to be a white glow in the distance growing stronger. The Goblins had sensed it too, for they turned towards the light at first, before crying out and began to flee back into the deepness of the trees.

Seeing the Goblins run, Menag lowered his drout-crystal before sinking to the ground - the fatigue from the effort of holding them off setting in. The light grew stronger and stronger, and a sound of hooves began to accompany it.

From within the white light I could make out the shape of a creature. A great unicorn. It came to a halt by the side of Menag and bowed it's head. It was strange, but I already knew this creature. And that is when I rememered. Anjeon - companion of Coraniel all those years ago. This was Anjeon!

Anjeon gestured towards Menag, who then looked up to me and said that I was to place him on the unicorns back, before I climbed onto its back too. Soon we were racing through the forest towards Kinrew, and safety from the Goblins.

Once at the town gates, I summoned help for Menag, and then told Anjeon of the fate of Coraniel. With an expression of gratitude, the unicorn bowed towards me, then turned and raced off towards the East, and Tingamel.

8 June

Arguments, Accusations and Action

This has been the hardest day of my long, long life. I have been accused of deliberately stirring up trouble in order to cause another battle, as happened long ago. Though I vigoursly denied the accusations thrown at me, it would seem that many of my brothers do not share my concern over the plans of Yermej. In fact, Bordire clearly stated that if we together are unable to locate the remaining two crystals, what chance does a renegade wizard have. My response that he carries with him an old parchment detailing things we know not of fell on deaf ears.
Anleim bellowed for silence, and calmly told everyone of the old prophecy linked to the crystals;

That whoever collects all four crystals and places them together will be able to control the elements, and wreak havoc over land and man.

Bordire enquired which crystals Yermej already had. The Earth and Air crystals were taken months ago, and Anleim explained that Yermej was in the Northern range of the Great Mountains seeking out the Fire Crystal, for the order of collection was also very important. That meant that once he had obtained it he would be looking for the Air crystal. With a cold, hard voice Anleim spoke out that it was the one crystal that had to be found and secured to stop him.

Slowly, as the words spoken began to sink in, my brothers started to discuss where the Air Crystal could be.

10 June

The Triumvirate

Well, after heated discussions with my wizarding brothers, we still do not know where the Air crystal is, but we do know how it will be displayed.

It will be on show to the sky, with nothing covering it's sides or top. It will radiate colour in the sun and be a beacon throughout the land. It need not be kept in an area habitated by man, and so The Trimvirate - the leaders of the Unicorn, Horses and Dragon races - have been requested to attend the Gamot.

We have asked them for their help in searching the land to find it. Now we need them to return to their kind and spread the word. Three of our wizards are returning with them to act as messengers should news be forthcoming.

The Triumvirate, after hearing the request, left quickly to start their own searches.

We have also contacted representatives of all races within the land; Man, Elf, Dwarf and Giant to inform them of the situation and request supplies and volunteers to form a great army ready to march Northwest to the mountains.

13 June

Man is Coming

We marched southwards and today met with a great migration of man from the east of the Island. Our army begins to take shape. We plan to rest at Astown, and await more reinforcements from the east.

16 June

Elfish arrivals

Our numbers are growing. Fighting men from Soulhill, Merquay and Kinrew have joined us, and they have news that the Elves are on their way too.

I can sense Rhonas reaching closer, but not just him, there is a large swathe of Elf on its way. Rhonas is bringing his entire kind to fight with us.

17 June

Ocean sightings

Rhonas and his peoples have arrived, and he has news of the oceans. He has seen a great number of boats sailing along the coast as he marched towards us. On hearing this I asked for a dragon to carry me over the waters to see these boats close up, and just who is on them.

I soared above the ocean for a while and watched the vessels below. They are Goblin boats. Each boat seemed to be carrying around 30 Goblins, and today alone I saw a dozen boats. With the previous journeys that I know of, I predict at least a thousand Goblins are waiting for us in the mountains.

At least now we know where the Goblins of the forests have come from. Yermej has formed some kind of alliance with the remaining few Methtintdour Goblins that survived the last battle, and now they are boosting their numbers with distant relations from another land.

18 June


Our fight begins today.

Man, Elf, Wizard, Giant, Unicorn, Horse and Dragon have united to stop the invasion of Goblin into the land. We are as one. A truly magnificent sight to behold.

I estimate in total our numbers must run into several thousand, but we are not complete yet. We have one more race to meet and join up with. And for that we have headed North, into the heart of the mountain to Matarreg.

Matarreg. Kingdom of the dwarves.

Too long have I been away from here.
Rhonas and his Elves are hanging back whilst we make contact...