A Road Well Travelled: December 2006

23 December

An Idea is Born

"Tomepicker - fetch me my quill, I have to record this quickly before I forget!"

I, Gereog the Wizard, am about to set off on a most fantastic journey across the lands, with the sole intention of meeting up with, and recording, as many different characters as I can.

"We shall set off on the years 'eve Tomepicker. I will go prepare my supplies, before we enjoy a Christmas feast. We might as well eat well before we start this quest. It could be the last proper meal we eat for many a day. Are you ready for an adventure my friend?"

29 December

My Head Hurts

Oh Tomepicker!
What was in that ale that I drank to celebrate Christmas?
My head is pounding, the room is spinning and I can't focus on my parchments.

How can I possibly pack whilst I feel like this?
I'll never be ready to leave next week at this rate.