Power Changes

With the completion of power to the Pet Shop House, the half way point had been reached, and a break in the modular layout. I had been wondering how to pass the power cable from the Pet Shop house to the Book Store house across the street within the wire showing as I didn't want wires to distract from the lighting effect.

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The Corner

The street is full. There is no more room for another modular to be added to it. This is a problem as I have the Corner Garage to build at some point, as well the Police Station that will be ordered once it is released. Add these two modulars to the desire to still obtain Cafe Corner, Greengrocer, Grand Emporium and Town Hall at some point (fingers crossed!) and I need more room.

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The High Street (#7)

With seven of the modulars now lit, the High Street looks like this...


You can see the new surface on the left, with the inverted corner piece, and bookshop in position. More modulars will be added along that surface over time.