Police Station

The next modular build to be lit in the street is the Police Station.

This is a three storey build, with three separate buildings combined within the build. The ground floor contains the entrance to a large police station, with a donut store to one side and a newsstand to the right. The first floor contains police offices and a small flat  whilst the top floor contains the interview rooms.

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The next modular build to be lit in the street is the Greengrocer.

This is a three storey MOC build (from authentic parts) with 1 x 2 masonry profile bricks used instead of the original 1 x 2 bricks with groove. The ground floor of this modular contains a stocked greengrocer with shop name and sales boards above and around the door. The upper floors were unfurnished and so I've furnished the first floor with a TV, games system and settee near the bay window, and bookcase, reading chair and reading lamp near the curtained windows. On the second floor I have created a 'den' with rug, two arcade machines, large speaker system, a saxophone on stand and a synth. Two lamps have been placed either side of the synth too.

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Town Hall

Bonus Build! After a long search, I was able to get hold of the Town Hall via an online auction site. It was at the top end of what I was willing to pay, but compared to other recent auctions for this modular it was a good price.

This is a three storey building with a raised ground floor. The ground floor contains a secretary's office, debating chamber and lift, whilst the first floor features the mayors office, balcony and lift, and a boardroom on the top floor.

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