The High Street (#6)
The Corner

Power Changes

With the completion of power to the Pet Shop House, the half way point had been reached, and a break in the modular layout. I had been wondering how to pass the power cable from the Pet Shop house to the Book Store house across the street within the wire showing as I didn't want wires to distract from the lighting effect.

The initial wiring plan had a clear indication of a wire crossing from one house to the other as all the modulars were daisy chained to each other;


The more I thought about this, the more I thought it needed to change. I had gone off the idea of a daisy chained solution. The final modular in the plan (the diner) may only have dim lights using this solution. And what happened when I eventually purchased more wood and base units, and expanded the street around a corner? It was time for a new solution.

With a USB splitter, some USB extension cables, a second USB adapter from LightMyBricks and 2 8port adapters, the new power plan looks like this;

Lighting_Plan_keyAs can be seen, power comes from a single source is split into two branches using a USB splitter, and each cable leads to a USB adapter plugged into an 8port board. From those 8port boards, each modular can be plugged in directly. 

This has several advantages;

  • all modular receive the same amount of power
  • Swapping modulars about now means removing a single cable from BEHIND the street (before it would have meant opening up modulars to remove cables from the ground floor level)
  • a third 'branch' can be added to the USB splitter when I need to begin lighting additional buildings that will be on the new section in the near future.

So, the changes have been made. The first branch (Fire Brigade to Pet Shop House) is complete, and the second branch will be begin with Book Shop House shortly.