The High Street (#4)
The High Street (#5)

Brick Bank

The next build, the Brick bank, is a two storey modular build with a difference; it is a corner piece for a start (and has no baseplate space at the rear), and also has features to light within the roof area unlike any of the previous modulars.

Image 10-10-2020 at 10.39

Ground floor: 2 BIT lights in the lamps outside, a LED strip light inside the bank and a BIT light in the launderette.

Second floor: BIT lights in each of the lamps in the bank worker and the bank managers desk areas.

Second floor (roof): 4 microBITs installed in the chandelier.

As with the previous modulars, there was enough light without overpowering the building. Unlike the previous modulars though there was no rear space to fix any pieces that I removed. However, being a bank there was a secure place to put them instead and so the few pieces that I had to remove are sitting in the bank vault. Safe and sound, 

Next up will be the Pet Shop House. Watch this space.