The High Street (#3)
The High Street (#4)

Parisian Restaurant

The next modular to light up along the High Street is the Parisian Restaurant.

This is a three floored build with a restaurant on the ground floor, a single roomed apartment on the first floor and an artists studio tucked away in the attic on the second floor. PR

Ground floor: 3 BIT lights in the hanging lamps outside and a LED strip inside the restaurant.

First floor: BIT lights in the two outside lamps on the balcony and a BIT light in the apartment.

Second floor: a BIT light in the artists studio.


The end result was enough light to fit in with the rest of the street without overpowering it. And, as before, all pieces that were removed were fixed at the rear of the building so that they would not be lost.

Next up will be the Brick Bank. Watch this space.