The High Street (#2)
The High Street (#3)

Detective's Office

Time for another modular build to be lit. This time, it is the Detective's Office set. This set contains four distinct areas over three floors;

DetectivesofficeGround floor: a BIT light in the ceiling fan in the Highlander pub, 2 BIT lights in the lamps outside the barbers and a LED strip inside the barbers.

First floor: a BIT light in the detectives office and a BIT light in the corridor.

Second floor: a BIT light in the apartment.


Like in the previous modulars, the idea was to create a 'lived in' look - too many lights would not have looked right. The single light in the pub works well, whilst the bright light in the barbers is good for Al to see what he is doing when he's cutting hair!

Next up, will be the Parisian Restaurant. Watch this space!