Project Edison

For several years, I've been slowly building up my 'Brickston High Street'. A collection of modular Lego constructions from their 'Creator Expert' range. 


Whilst expanding the High Street, I also built other Lego sets, including the whopping Lego Hogwarts Castle (71043) that was so impressive I knew it needed to be lit. And that led me to discovering 'Light My Bricks'; a company that specialises in creating lighting elements specifically for Lego models. Using their components (available in the UK via their authorised distributor ElegantBricks) I decided to power the High Street. This blog is intended to record that process.

The idea

Knowing what I wanted to do was all well and good, but the next step was working out how to do it, and so I sat down and created a town plan - a schematic - for how to illuminate each modular building;



- yellow rectangles are 'strip lights' - small rectangular sticky strips with 2 LEDs fitted to them.

- yellow circles are 'bit lights' - incredibly small single LED lights that are designed to fit underneath and in between Lego pieces.

- pink rectangles are 'wireless connectors' - can be used between each floor in a modular building without being restricted to connecting cables.

- green squares are 'connecting port boards' - Expansion Boards allow you to connect multiple components to complete a circuit.

With the schematic created, I knew what I needed for each modular building, and so could begin working through the project one building at a time.