7. And Then There Were Three

The children began to run in the same direction as the animals had, but they were finding it hard to breathe because of the dust the animals had kicked up.

Ada coughed and slowed down. Jacob coughed too and stopped running. His left hand rested on his knee as he bent forward and tried to spit the dust from his mouth. Breathing quickly Jacob shouted "Ada. Stop!" Ada turned around and ran back to Jacob.

Nathaniel and Isabelle carried on running. They hadn't noticed that two of their friends had stopped.

A minute passed, then Nathaniel glanced around to see how Ada and Jacob were doing. They weren't to his left, so he quickly turned to his right and looked back. They weren't there either. They had disappeared. Nathaniel began to worry. He stopped running and stood still looking back where he had run from. In the distance he could just see two tiny dots. He began running back towards them, forgetting all about Isabelle who carried on running rapidly across the grassland.

When Nathaniel reached Jacob and Ada, Ada stared hard at Nathaniel with a confused look and asked "Where's Isabelle?"
Nathaniel spun around, his hands smacked his face and then appeared to be stuck to his cheeks as he cried out "I completely forgot about her".
"We've got to find her" pleaded Jacob, and began running to locate her. The other two followed.

Meanwhile, Isabelle was still sprinting away from the Volcano. Finally she stopped to catch her breathe. She fell to ground, put her hands on the grass in front of her, and panted hard. Her shoulders moved up and down as she sucked in mouthfuls of air. With a sudden feeling of panic, she realised that she was on her own. The others were gone. She was lost.

She stood up. She looked around her, but saw no one. She began walking, searching for the others. Isabelle wandered along the grassy plain. She was so busy looking into the distance for her friends that she didn't see the cracks in the ground.

As she placed her right foot in front of her, the ground suddenly collapsed. Isabelle fell. She tumbled downwards, her arms brushing against dirt walls. With a massive thud she hit the floor. Isabelle looked up and saw only soil, with a small looking gap that she had fallen through. It was way too high to reach.

Isabelle began to explore the strange cave she had landed in. In the distance there seemed to be a dim purple glow. She slowly crept closer the strange light. Finally she reached it. It was a sparkling, shimmering oval light that stood upright.

She reached out with her hand and pushed her fingertips into the mysterious object and then pulled her arm back. Her fingers were still there, so with a deep breathe she stepped into the light. Purpleness blinded her, and Isabelle was gone.

Back up on the surface of the plains, hours and hours passed by as the three other children continued to search for Isabelle. With disappointed hearts, they realised that they could not find her and sadly gave up looking.
They were now a trio.


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