5. Migration

6. Sounds In The Night

A few hours later the children had discovered several more migrated beasts.
"I can't believe that I got it right", said Nathaniel, "that there really was an eagle living in the sea. Wowzers. What a world".

They had also watched a bear migrate into the sky, becoming an air-bear - or 'bair' as Ada called it - and an octopus that grew legs and walked onto the rocky land becoming a rocktopus (named by Jacob).

It had been a long day, and the children were very tired as the sun began to set.
Isabelle watched the sky turn a dark pink before saying "That's weird. The sun normally sets in the west, but here it's setting in the east".

The children found sticks lying on the ground all around them, collected them up and put them in a pile. Jacob gathered some stones and placed them around the pile of sticks. Nathaniel grabbed two of the sticks and rubbed them together quickly until a flame appeared, before putting the burning sticks into the pile.

A few minutes after starting the fire, the children were sat down on the grass in a circle by it, putting their hands out in front of them to keep warm. Even though they seemed to have been in this land for day, they still weren't hungry. However they were exhausted and soon they fell asleep.


A loud rumble woke the children in the middle of the night. Blackness was all around them. The sound of animals grunting, roaring, screeching and snorting was getting louder and louder.

Their campfire was almost out.

The children couldn't see, so they called each other's names and felt in the darkness for their hands.

"What's that noise?" asked Isabelle.
"No idea", replied Nathaniel.
"What do we do?" shouted Ada.
"Stay here" commanded Jacob, "Crouch down, and hold hands".

The sound of the animals was deafening now, and suddenly the ground rumbled as hooves, paws and feet raced past them on either side. The animals were fleeing. But what was making them flee?

The children shuddered, and squeezed each other's hands tightly, until the animals had passed by.

Isabelle slowly turned her head towards the direction the animals had raced from and saw an orangey red sky above a distant mountain.

She gasped and called out to the others...



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