6. Sounds In The Night

5. Migration

The children had spent many hours watching the native beasts evolve. They had watched carefully as each beast changed and had drawn detailed images of the new, evolved beasts.

After Nathaniel had finished his notes for the Gullinbursty, he watched another warthog nearby as it ate the rich, juicy grass around it. When the warthog seemed full it began to trot towards a river. After a few minutes trotting the warthog reached the riverbank where it then began to drink the refreshing, clear, cold water.

Water dripped from its bristly snout every time it lifted its head up from the river. The drops reflected the sunlight as they fell back towards the water.

Isabelle sensed something happening above her, and lifted her head. She watched silently, with her mouth gaping, as the stars above began falling towards the warthog. When they reached the beast they vanished in to the body.

Slowly the warthogs legs began to shrink, and its body got lower and lower until it was touching the ground. It's long, thin swishy tail changed and became chunkier and shorter, with two reddish fins flapping about.
Where its legs used to be, a single large, grey fin grew from each side of its belly. These fins shovelled the ground around it as the beast desperately tried to reach the water. With a final swish of its tail, the beast slid into the transparent rushing water below where it happily swam off downstream.

"That beast has migrated" remarked Nathaniel, staring at where the warthog had been.
"I didn't think warthogs liked water" said Ada.
"Water-hog. Haha" laughed Jacob.
The other children giggled at the joke.
"I'm not joking" replied Jacob, "it really is a waterhog".
"This land is getting weirder" added Ada, "What are we going to find next?"
"What about an eagle living in the sea?" joked Nathaniel.
"You mean a seagle" said Isabelle, "Come on, let's look".

And so they headed across the lush green fields in search of more weird and wonderful beasts.


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