Rain bird

4. Evolving

After what seemed like a few days, and after the children had drawn lots of images of the beasts they they found, they discovered something rather strange.

Ada had been watching the bear when it slowly began a deep growl and raised it head to the sky. It opened its huge mouth as wide as it could then roared loudly. It was louder than the loudest sound the children had ever heard.

Ada stuck her fingers in her ears because it was deafening. Nathaniel saw her doing this and did the same. Jacob threw his hands over his ears and Isabelle scrunched up her face and shut her eyes tightly to block out the noise.

It felt like the roaring went on for minutes. Eventually they felt the relief as the earth shaking sound stopped. The children continued watching the bear as stars fell from the sky and vanished into the bears body. Slowly bear became more colourful. It's back turned blue. The tummy became striped, and its legs had a pattern of diamonds on the fur.

"It's evolved" shouted Isabelle.

Ada added "It's the stars. The stars. They're what made it evolve".

Jacob stood and wondered whether the other beasts they had discovered could evolve as well. There was only one way to find out... to watch them.

They went to find the warthog.


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