1. Adverbs and Daydreams

2. An adventure begins

Jacob finally gasped as he stared at the turquoise ocean in front of him. He tapped Ada on her shoulder and pointed towards the deep rippled sea. She strained her eyes as she scanned the horizon.

Slowly something rose from beneath the surface. Ada turned towards Jacob. Her eyes widened and seemed to say "Did you see that?".
Jacob nodded his head.
Nathaniel and Isabelle had seen it too.
Isabelle whispered "Am I dreaming? Or is that real?"
"It's got the tail of a shark, the body of bird and the head of a warthog. That's strange" replied Nathaniel.

The children kept watching the strange looking beast in disbelief. This was unreal. They thought they were having the same dream. The four children continued watching the beast as it kept diving and surfacing in front of them.

Eventually it dived and didn't return to the surface.
Jacob rubbed his eyes then looked at the rest of the children.
"Wow", he remarked, "That was cool".
"I wonder if there are anymore strange and unknown creatures around this land?" wondered Isabelle.
Ada replied, "Lets explore".

Excitement replaced fear in the children. They were eager to look around.

Their adventure had begun...


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