2. An adventure begins

1. Adverbs and Daydreams

Ada was sat at her desk trying to explain to the teacher how she could use an adverb within her writing. She was getting frustrated. Jacob wasn't helping either. He was busy writing down lots of examples of adverbs on his paper. Ada looked across the table at Isabelle. Isabelle silently mouthed to her 'It describes how an action is being carried out' to help, but all Ada could make out was 'I prescribe traction on a big trout'.

That didn't help at all.

How she wished it was break time. A wet break. She liked wet breaks because they meant she could go to the games cupboard and choose a game. Her favourite was the new stacking animals game that also linked to a class iPad. She loved playing that game with Isabelle, Jacob and Nathaniel, and finding new ways to create fabulous creatures.


The teacher was getting annoyed at waiting, so turned to Nathaniel instead for the answer. However before he could open his mouth to say anything there was sudden flash of blinding purple light across the table. For a moment the four children were illuminated brighter than a corner shop neon sign, and then suddenly the light vanished.

So had the children. Their seats in the classroom were empty.


The four children looked around. Paper fluttered to the floor beside them. along with pencils and rubbers that had been resting on their table.

This was not their classroom. This was definitely not that familiar room where they had just been talking about adverbs, proper nouns and adjective phrases.

They looked at each other, bewildered, confused, frightened and wondering what had happened. Not one of them was able to speak. They just stood, open mouthed, and stared around them. This was a strange and unfamiliar place, with strange and unfamiliar sights...


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